About ACCL

For over a decade, ACCL has provided customers with a complete range of high quality retail malls up to international standards, located in the most attractive areas of the Kingdom to satisfy all shopping needs and market requirements. The 1st project Sahara plaza, opened in 2002, represents the starting point for all 19 malls to follow combining world-class shopping, dining and entertainment and a precursor to future multiple unit expansion over the next 2 years.

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life by providing the region's first shopping and entertainment destination of choice for tenants and customers alike.

Advancing beyond developing mere functional property, ACCL aspiration is to create living, vibrant and integrated communities for shoppers and tenants alike.

Our Vision

To become the market leader in the development, ownership and management of shopping malls in the region and to be recognized for sustainable value, service excellence and retailing success.